Dog Walking

Group walks are enjoyed by both san francisco residents and their pups; dogs enjoy our group walks because they provide a fun and safe environment in which to socialize. Dog owners in san francisco love knowing their pups are spending their day with friends, and they also love the price! Pups get in the mix with three to five other dogs in your area that are similar in size and temperament during (small group) walks. Every day, your pup will have the same small group of friends with whom to socialize and explore their city!

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  • Mon — Fri: 9:00 am — 5:00 PM

Our prices for Dog Walking

We provide competitive pricing with a trusted walker in the bay area

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1 Hour Walk from$37/Walk
Monday Wednesday - 1 Hour Walk from$33/Walk
MWF - 1 Hour Walk from$30/walk
MTWTF - 1 Hour Walk from$28/walk

Our Difference - Dog Walking

We love getting to know your pups through hikes & play time!

Trained Dog Handlers for Walks by Fido Spot

Trained Handlers

All Fido Spot walkers are highly experienced & every off-leash pack play is overseen by a trained handler.

AirTag Collars for Dog Walks by Fido Spot

App & AirTags

We are tech-enabled pet lovers with app-based scheduling and AirTag collars for off-leash play.

Gated Play for Off-Leash Dog Walks by Fido Spot

Gated Play

Off-leash play sessions are always in gated areas which are designated as dog parks. On-leash hikes take your pup on trails all over!

Controlled & Safe Dog Walks by Fido Spot

Controlled & Safe

Our staff know how to handle dogs of varying temperments. We start with on-leash 1-on-1 sessions for assessment.

Fun Exercise During Dog Walks from Fido Spot

Fun Exercise

They say, "A tired dog is a good dog." We believe a healthy balance of mental & physical stimulation are key.

Award-Winning Dog Walks by Fido Spot


We've been named top-dog in dog walking by publications and reviewers alike!