Dog Grooming

Use Fido Spot's grooming experts to make your dog the envy of the neighborhood. Whether your pet needs a bath after a day of fun or simply wants to be pampered, your furry child will look great after a lavish day at our spa. It is especially crucial for the health of long or heavy-haired breeds to avoid unpleasant and potentially harmful matting. While pampering your dog, our crew will check for fleas, ticks, skin problems, and lumps and will notify you if any physical issues are discovered.

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  • Mon — Fri: 10:00 am — 5:00 PM

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Great rates with great service.

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Just Wash from$80
Wash + Cut from$110


We employ cutting-edge dog grooming equipment and techniques. Our groomers are pleasant pet owners who take great delight in their work. Groomers, stylists, and bathers give close attention to your pet's individual demands and body types.

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Extra hair/fur can mat, reducing contact with the air and trapping moisture. Clean ears allow you to hear and feel better. Cleaning and brushing thoroughly promotes healthy hair and scalp.

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